Sunday, August 11, 2019

Aftermath of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles Essay - 1

Aftermath of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles - Essay Example They were not at all very happy with what they got. Germany was forced into signing a lopsided agreement that to her citizens was robbery in broad daylight. They were made to pay reparations that at that time was an astronomical amount. To add insult to injury the German people lost a significant part of their territory. Germany was carved up like a juicy present and the gifts distributed to the loyal member of the victorious allies. It was worse than any physical abuse as the German people was stripped bare of dignity and even hope of a better future. The heart of the people looked like Berlins bombed out dwellings, like the scarred remains of burnt buildings. It was a tough time. It was the worst defeat ever experienced by any nation. The thought of a league of nations working together to turn a conquered foe into a submissive and docile beast is shameful. But the nations around Europe were not finished yet with the undressing of this people. They wanted to be sure that Germanys much vaunted armed forces will never rise again. The League of Nations made all the necessary steps to be certain that never again will Germany terrorize the world. The once proud nation was brought to her knees. But the humiliation did not stop there. The leaders of the victorious allies pinned the majority of the guilt and all the wickedness of the Great War on Germany. It was an unmistakable charge as one reads the Versailles treaty. From then on, something akin to rage was burning in the hearts of the German people, most specially her patriots. Hitler shared in the ignominy of her people and Fatherland. Yet instead of breaking down in perpetual state of weakness and utter hopelessness his sinister mind began to plot the most daring comeback in the history of national politics. Hitler and Nazism was able to achieve what the German people had been trying to do since 1919 and that is to voice out their disgust on the infamous treaty.

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